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It is no secret that we, as in the Recruitment Industry, are short of good talent. I am talking about the sort of ambitious ladies and gentlemen who have the inner drive. Whose modus operandi when deciding on life choices is to take the option where they will LEARN (and, in the long term, EARN) MOST, and not the option that is EASIER (as in, the option that better accommodates their current lifestyle, hobbies, social life etc.)

The traits, the inner drive, desire to grow personally and professionally, and succeed through making mistakes – successful B2B salespeople have it! Are you one of them? Are you one of those who is looking for MORE out of their life and career? Are you looking for a real challenge? Here are some reasons why you should get into the Recruitment Industry:

1. It is LUCRATIVE – nothing wrong with doing it for the MONEY! Recruitment jobs typically pay comparatively reasonable base salaries, but you avail of excellent commission structures, complete with all sorts of additional bonuses and performance kickers. One of my junior placements recently made a generous HOUSE DEPOSIT with just ONE MONTH’s commission check (and a $15,000 watch as a gift from the Company)!

2. People are the most IMPORTANT ASSET of any business, not an overhead. This means that as a Recruitment Consultant you are a true consultant to your client. It will take time to develop your credibility and industry expertise, but eventually your clients will see you as trusted advisers with ability to solve their business objectives.

3. HUGE learning opportunity. If you consider yourself to be a ‘people person’ and you want to be a person of influence, Recruitment is an unrivaled ground for this. You learn to meet and build relationships with a large number of people. These skills extend far beyond your professional career and will serve you throughout life.

Are you currently in a B2B sales role or an outbound call-centre role? Are you looking to step up to a highly professional and consultative career in sales? Do you recognize a bit of your inner self in the above article? Call me now on 0420 474 853 to chat further – I’d love to get to know you better!

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