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Three Reasons Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Look For A New Role

It’s mid-October (I would know, just had my birthday) and the year is running out quickly. If you have been thinking of getting a new job for the new year (and a nice long holiday to boot), right now is actually the best time to start looking. Here are three reasons WHY:

1. Changing Agencies should not be a decision that is taken lightly.

If you start assessing your options now you are leaving yourself with plenty of time to make the right choice.

Our approach at Hamilton Professional is to make sure our Candidates get to ‘compare apples with apples’, that is meet with different Agencies and take their time to determine which one is the best fit. Start now and you will be very well positioned for a new year start.

2. Christmas time is manic for everybody, including Hiring Managers.

The best, most effective Recruitment Managers anticipate this and would have locked in all of their 2017 hires already.

If you leave it too close to Christmas, the chances are you will be exposed to less attractive opportunities with desperate Agencies still trying to find the best talent.

3. Beat the Competition!

Many people are thinking about getting new jobs but tend to take no action until January has already begun. If your application is in now and the process is under way, your prospective new employer is likely to fast-track the process in order to finalise it before Christmas.

Leave it until the new year, and you will be faced with a large number of competing job-seekers all trying to bring to life their new year resolutions.

So, if you are an experienced Recruitment Consultant looking to make a well-educated, well-timed Career move, Hamilton Professional can connect you with Australia’s best Recruitment Agencies.

We currently have a number of great options available across all White Collar verticals including: IT, Banking & Finance, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Construction, Property & Engineering, Business Support and more.

Speak to me on 0420 474 853 and I will make sure you start 2017 with the best new job.

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