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The world is changing quickly and the ways and methods of doing business have evolved. A few years ago it was all about how many outbound sales calls you’d made and how many applicants you’d received via your online job advertisements.

Now it’s all about relationships and the quality rather than the quantity of those relationships.

If you are relying purely on online job boards to generate Candidates you are doomed. You aren’t adding any value as an external Recruiter because your Client can run those same ads themselves and save a recruitment fee.

Don’t get me wrong, I, as much as anyone in Recruitment, understand that activity equals results. You need to be speaking to your Clients and Candidates regularly and networking extensively to generate word of mouth referrals.

You also need to be an industry expert in your chosen market. As the old saying goes, you need to be two centimetres wide and two kilometres deep in the industry sector you are recruiting in.

In other words, you need to be a specialist in your niche market and be able to give your clients and candidates the latest and most up to date news on your sector’s trends. This can include access to the best passive Candidates or latest job opportunities in your market. You need to be the “go to” person for expert advice.

If you are being managed the old way, where it’s all about the number of outbound sales calls and new client visits, you need to be thinking about whether it’s the right environment for you to advance your career.

Find a business that can provide you with the right training and mentoring to become an industry expert in your chosen sector. Your billings and reputation will sky rocket!



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