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In my job of recruiting Recruitment Consultants for some of Australia and Asia Pac’s best Recruitment Companies, I am fortunate to come into contact with some of the best Consultants going around.

What makes these Consultants so successful is not just their drive and determination or the agency they work for, but also their “Personal Brand” they are taking to their clients and candidates.

Whether you are a Recruitment Consultant in a large multinational or small boutique, your employer is giving you the opportunity to create your own Personal Brand. Whilst you are also representing the “brand” of your employer, your clients and candidates will want to work with you because of who you are.

Just recently I came across this article entitled “Ten Ways to Build Your Personal Brand” and it again reinforced how important it is to keep reinventing yourself to make sure that you are adapting to market and client’s needs and expectations.

My client’s will always ask “What can they bring with them” when considering a candidate I have introduced to them. Whilst always encouraging my candidates to observe their contractual constraints, how strong are your relationships and will your clients and candidates work with you after your three month restraint clause elapses? If not, your Personal Brand isn’t worth much.

Remain positive, professional and upbeat. We are working in a great industry that allows us to become experts in our own industry sectors and earn a great livelihood.

Don’t underestimate the importance and power of referrals. Do a good job in placing a candidate and the word (and work) will flow. Build your own Personal Brand.

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