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Is your Manager driving you crazy ?

We spend a big chunk of our week at work, so if your manager is driving you crazy, you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it, that perhaps there’s a better opportunity out there. You are being reasonable in expecting that on most days, your work is a place you are happy to be and can feel productive and valued.

Even if you are in a good job with a great brand, your manager has a huge impact on your ability to be successful in your career, and this inevitably negatively impacts on your personal life.

If your manager is displaying some of the following behaviours, it’s time to move on:

  • Micro managing – do they really need to check in with you every half hour ?
  • Only noticing your set-backs and not your wins
  • They publicly criticise you  
  • They expect you to read their mind
  • They set unrealistic targets – everyone needs targets, but in order for them to be motivating they need to be achievable
  • They play favourites (a common recruiter’s bug bear is when leads always get passed to the same person)
  • They actually know less than you do about your industry and role but act like they are an expert

I have always thought that good managers do everything they can to set their staff up to succeed, and not (either by way of neglect or blatant incompetence) set them up to fail. If your manager falls into the latter description, then your only real option is to start exploring what else is out there.

The longer I have spent working recruitment, the clearer it becomes how few great leaders there are out there. We choose carefully who we work with and so should you.  So know your worth and go out and find yourself a role in a team with a manager that can truly support you in your efforts to be successful in your professional endeavours. If you are a recruiter, I can help you do just that. Text or call me on 0426-808-343.

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