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 I was talking to an Exec. Accounting Recruitment Consultant today, whom I admire greatly, and we were comparing notes on the fact that we are both job rich and candidate poor. It led me to do some research and I came across LinkedIn’s “Talent Trends 2014” where LinkedIn surveyed over 18,000 fully employed workers in 26 countries.

The survey revealed some very interesting stats from both an Australian and international perspective on what both active and passive candidates are looking for in order to change jobs.

Some interesting stats are:

  • 25% of global respondents are currently looking for their next role
  • 45% of both active and passive candidates are open to talking to a recruiter
  • Only 15% of respondents are not interested in a new job

If we are to be successful as Recruitment Consultants, we need to able give our clients the “value add” of access to both active and passive candidates. Therefore we need to consider the major motivators for candidates to change jobs and address those motivators when actively headhunting or advertising new jobs. What are these motivators I hear you ask?

The survey reveals that the top 5 motivators for ACTIVE candidates are:

  1. Greater opportunities for advancement
  2. Better compensation and benefits
  3. More challenging work
  4. A better fit for skill set
  5. More learning opportunities

The top 5 motivators for PASSIVE candidates are:

  1. Better compensation and benefits
  2. Better work / life balance
  3. Greater opportunities for advancement
  4. More challenging work
  5. Better fit for skill set

There were also a couple of interesting points from an Australian perspective. They are:

  1. 39% of passive Australian candidates said work / life balance was the most important consideration when considering a new job compared to a global average of 31%
  2. 50% of both Aussies and Kiwis said job title was the least important aspect when looking for a new job against the global average of 33%

As a Recruitment Consultant we want to hear “yes” more often from our candidates. We therefore need to understand their motives for moving jobs and what drives them to consider a new opportunity. Hopefully this gives you some good ideas on what you need to be discussing with your candidates

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