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I am absolutely staggered by the number of experienced Recruitment Consultants who come to me looking for a new job who have put no time and effort into their LinkedIn Profile.

The first thing my clients will do when I speak to them is type your name into LinkedIn Search before even asking for your Resume. Usually they will agree to an interview based on your profile without even requesting a Resume.

They say that it only takes seven seconds to form a first impression, and this also applies to your social media profiles.

So why do so many Recruiters neglect there own LinkedIn profile?

Even when developing new business, the first thing people are going to do (even before shaking your hand) is type your name into Google and usually the first thing that pops up is your LinkedIn profile.

So what are my clients looking for? Here are the five most important things to include on your LinkedIn profile:

1) Your Photo

It should be a head and shoulder shot with a white background. You should be wearing the attire that you be wearing to a job interview or to see your most important client. Any good passport photo shop can do this for you – and don’t forget to smile.

I don’t care if you’ve been to Greece for a holiday, like a drink after work or if you’ve met someone famous, this is not relevant for your profile photo.

2) Complete Job History

There is nothing more frustrating than a job history on a Resume that doesn’t match your LinkedIn profile. Double check dates and company names because if anything ever looks suspicious, you can guarantee you’ll get grilled at an interview or be asked for Referees.

3) Connections

Your new employer will want to make sure that you are well connected and networked in your industry sector. A few dozen or even 150 Connections isn’t going to cut it in terms of you having a great network of Clients and Candidates.

It is also useful to be a member of a number of different and relevant LinkedIn Groups in your market.

4) Blogs / Video / Social Media

In the exciting times we live in, you can’t be seen to be a technophobe. You have to be seen as an industry leader and a thought provoker. The best way to be doing this is to be publishing blogs and video content through social media that is relevant to your target market. It doesn’t have to elaborately produced, it just needs to be topical and set you up as an industry expert.

LinkedIn allows you to post videos and links to articles through your profile.

 5) Recommendations

It is important to have Recommendations from Clients and Candidates on    your LinkedIn profile. This provides instant and authentic credibility when a new employer or client is forming an initial impression. Don’t be afraid to ask for Recommendations as they act as the first instance of a reference check on the service you provide.

It might all sound basic to an experienced Recruitment Consultant, but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong.

Is there anything I’ve missed?

What do you look for in a LinkedIn profile when talking to Candidates?


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  1. Luke on August 26, 2015 at 2:32 am

    Thanks for the update. Great article.

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