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HOW TO BE A MILLION DOLLAR BILLER: Breakfast with Adam Leeds of Clicks IT Recruitment

Our latest instalment of #MillionDollarBillerBreakfast series took place last Thursday morning. It was a great session with Adam Leeds, Regional Manager of Commercial Division at Clicks IT, generating great energy in the room. There were lots of good questions and constructive discussion at the end. If you didn’t have a chance to attend the event, here are some key points that I took away.

Just Do It!

If there is something that you want to achieve in your Career, just back yourself and do it. If you don’t have the people around you to help you succeed, then find the right people. If you need a different Agency, find that right Agency. The bottom line is, if you have a goal, don’t back down – push for it and achieve it. 

Choosing The Right Agency

For a sales-driven self-starter like Adam, finding the right Agency was an important next step to progress his Recruitment Career. Adam possesses the drive, initiative, ambition and a track record of sales success. What he was looking for is a good workplace Mentor and an Agency with a clear sense of direction that can complement his output with good corporate support. In other words, find the Agency that plays to your specific strengths an gives you exactly what you need to grow. 

Getting to One Million

For Adam, it’s all about ‘Productive Work’, and not just ‘Busy Work’. Spend most of your time on things that will make you money. Think of the taximeter analogy; you want to be spending most of your time with the meter ‘ON’, performing those activities that lead to making placements.

Put In The Hours

Nowadays, Adam considers 10 hours a good day. This doesn’t always mean 10 hours spent in the office; Adam gets a lot of his work done on his laptop, making most of any of his spare hours of the day. What’s most important, is what you do with the hours. Adam’s golden rule is to have 2 x 2-hour blocks per day dedicated to proactive New Business Development activity.

Sales Drive

There are many people that shy away from sales, but the reality is that an element of sales exists in all aspects of our lives. We are always selling! Just think about deciding which restaurant to go to with a group of mates or your partner. Getting your idea across to your social group or your partner/family is most definitely sales. To learn to sell with conviction, Adam recommends practicing selling to yourself first. Convince yourself of your success before taking your ideas to your Client.

Best Career Advice

The best advice that Adam has received was to change his situation. If your work situation or your current employer is holding you back from achieving your goals, then it is up to you to take control and change that situation!

Thanks, Adam, for your time and for sharing your incredible story of success! We look forward to continuing with more breakfasts and helping all aspiring Agency Recruiters out there to achieve greater results and bigger billings! Follow our new hashtag #MillionDollarBillerBreakfast to stay abreast of latest news and forthcoming events.

Dmitri Goloub is a Melbourne-based rec-to-rec consultant with 4 years of local market experience. Follow Dmitri on LinkedIn here, or contact directly on 0420474853 or e-mail

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